Stalowa Wola is a young city, where you will not find historical, old buildings or castles. Nevertheless it is worth to spend your free time visiting our city landmarks, providing a rich history of the land on which  the main city of the Central Industrial Region was established.

We recommend visiting:

To spend your free time relaxing, we invite you to take advantage of the swimming pool of MOSiR which is just 2 km away from our hotel.

Turbia Aeroclub - Located 7 km from Stalowa Wola aeroclub organizes glider and balloon flying trainings and various competitions. The Aeroclub has its own airport, you can have a gliding, plane or hot air balloon flights.

Although Stalowa Wola does not offers endless fun activities for tourists, its location allows you to visit located nearby numerous attractive places. We particularly recommend:

Sandomierz ( 30 km away from Stalowa Wola.)

Sandomierz is one of oldest and historically most important cities in Poland. The beginnings of settlement within the boundaries of the city and its adjoining area date back to the foremost times, which can be certified by numerous archaeological discoveries made within the city and its surrounding area. In XI c., Sandomierz, alongside Krakow and Wroclaw, was classified by the chronicler Gaul the Anonymous as one of the main castles in the state - “sedes regni principales. However, the development was disturbed by a series of Tartar invasions in the XIII century.
Sandomierz is known for its Old Town, a major tourist attraction. Sandomierz, like Kazimierz Dolny, is characterized by the unique atmosphere giving a sense of the past.It is not enough to read about this town, you have to see it and feel it.

Sandomierz gained popularity in recent times thanks to the popular TV series "Father Matthew"filmed in this city.

Castle in Baranow Sandomierski (45 km from Stalowa Wola)

The castle - called "Little Wawel" is one of the most beautiful mannerist residences  in Poland. It was built in the type of "palazzo in the fortress"- that is  square corner towers covered wings surrounding a rectangular arcaded courtyard.
The castle was built in the late sixteenth century, in the place of a medieval fortified knight manor house. The great architecture of the castle formed on the pattern of the Royal Wawel the castle probably owes to an Italian architect and sculptor Santi Gucci.

Jurassic Park in Baltow (80 km from Stalowa Wola)

Park where you can see, among others, dinosaur models in natural size. Paths are divided into sections that represent successive geological epoch of the Earth, from the Cambrian, until the man era. At present, the park has about forty models of dinosaurs. The largest of these measures about 26 meters long, coming from the Triassic Jurassic and Cretaceous. In the park there is also a museum where you can see fossils from the Jurassic period, including, among others, dinosaur footprints found in other places of the Świętokrzyskie region.

The JuraPark includes also Szwajcaria Bałtowska Ski Station, ski resort with chairlift, two T-bar lifts, 2 lifts for children and 6 routes with a total length of about 4 km.

Adres: 37-450 Stalowa Wola, ul. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 51
Recepcja tel./fax 0-prefix-15 642 21 06, Restauracja tel. 0-prefix-15 642 21 04 | Email:

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